Great Planes Sequence 120

Naam Span (mm) Lengte (mm) Power Gewicht (kg) Eigenaar
Great Planes Sequence 120 1815 1855 RimFire 1.20 50-65-450 Brushless Outrunner 6s 6000mah 4.5 Robert Howe

My “everyday” aerobatic model is a Great Planes Sequence 120 pattern flyer. It’s equipped with a GPS and full telemetry, which gives some interesting insights into how the plane is flying. The model is ARTF and extremely nicely built too – I only wish I had the patience and time to built models to such a high quality.

From painful experience, the undercarriage mount could be stronger – I’ve had to repair mine twice. The wheel spats have not survived flying from a grass surface either, mostly because I’ve had to put larger wheels on the model to decrease the strain that a grass surface was putting on the gear. But otherwise it’s an easy to assemble, lovely plane to fly.

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