Robert Howe


Aeromodelling is something of a family tradition. Both my father and my uncle were active modellers pretty much their whole lives and remain so today, albeit somewhat more passively. So it’s perhaps unsurprising that everything to do with aircraft, flying and modelling runs in my blood.

In my childhood I built and flew a wide variety of models, including free flight gliders and rubber powered models (eg, Keil Kraft Chief and Keil Kraft Competitor), control line models with glow and diesel engines (PAW). We also experimented with simple own design models, including canard gliders. We also messed around with rechargeable electric models, but the 70’s was still too early for this technology.

In my early teens we bought our first R/C system and built a Keil Kraft Elmira. We didn’t have much success with this model as far as I recall, so we moved on to a Graupner Amigo with which we had much more success. In my twenties I finally purchased my own R/C set and built a range of models, including some slope soaring gliders. However, at that point life got in the way and my modelling activities went on hold for some years.

I started modelling again in the early 90’s and joined a model club that flew near Oirschot. I was pretty active for some years, build R/C aerobatic models and gliders. I also start flying helicopters. But at this point I also gained my full flying licence and ended up spending more and more time at the Eindhoven Aeroclub. In 1998 I bought my first full size aircraft and started clocking up the hours. I added a multi-engine rating and then an instrument rating to my licence. After selling my first business in 2001, I bought and Extra 300L and an Extra 400, clocking up > 1300 hours, before selling them in 2009/2010.

I returned to model flying (again) in 2014 and since then have built a series of models, including two Ultimate’s (one electric, one petrol). These days I fly drones, fixed wing, heli’s and a glider. I especially enjoy building stuff and I’ve been experimenting with 3D printing and learning how to use a lathe I inherited from my father. Plans for the future include messing around with autonomous controls, FPV and video recording / telemetry.