Ultimate 10-300 Biplane

Naam Span (cm) Power Weight
Ultimate 1400 Electric (Conversion). ROXXY C50-65-435. 6S Lipo 4kg

In the late 90’s I built a Goldberg Ultimate with a OS 120 four stroke engine. It was a beautiful aircraft that I flew for many years. At the time, I decided to buy a second kit to hold in reserve in case something nasty happened to the original. Indeed, the original model was destroyed when a I caught a wing tip in the tops of a corn field while performing a low knife edge pass. But at the time I didn’t get around to building a new version, so the reserve kit sat in a cupboard for 20 years or so until, in 2016, I decided recreate the original, this time with electric power.

There are many advantages to electric powered models, one of which is the reduction of vibration in the airframe, enabling a camera to be mounted and high quality video to be captured. This model is equipped with an adjustable Gopro mount which has allowed me to take some great photos and video.

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