DJI Mavic Pro

The DJI Mavic Pro is a marvel of technology that records breathtaking 4K video that is worth buying a 4K screen to view. But it should not really be seen as a model aircraft. Rather it is a flying camera that can do some amazing things. Learning to get the best out of the Mavic is no small challenge. Not only does one have to learn how best to use the on-board camera and its associated settings, but figuring out and trying all the different flight modes is non-trival. This is why it’s useful to practice with the Mavic at the club field. Features such as the DJI Ground Station Pro software need quite a bit of space to test. In the meantime the MVC De Valken Airport must one of the most video’d locations in the country.

The video below is a simple, full HD, example of what the Mavic Pro can do…


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