De F4U Corsair

Dit is een ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) model gemaakt van duurzaam EPO (Expanded PolyOlefin). De spanwijdte is 1,70 m en de lengte is 1,38 m Het totale gewicht 4,7 kg. Het is een elektrisch aangedreven model met een 5060-KV300 motor welke een 17x10 4-blads propeller aandrijft. More

Ultimate Biplane 1/3 Scale

I'd like to introduce you to my 33% scale Ultimate biplane. I started building this model more than 20 years ago, around the time that large, petrol driven model aircraft engines were becoming popular. The kit was originally from Ohio R/C Models and engine is a Brison from Revolution Engines. However, life got in the way and the semi finished fuselage and wings have lain around the house for far to many years. More

Ultimate 10-300 Biplane

In the late 90's I built a Goldberg Ultimate with a OS 120 four stroke engine. It was a beautiful aircraft that I flew for many years. At the time, I decided to buy a second kit to hold in reserve in case something nasty happened to the original. Indeed, the original model was destroyed when a I caught a wing tip in the tops of a corn field while performing a low knife edge pass. More